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A portfolio should be individually designed to meet your wealth accumulation goals.  At Charybdis Investments International, we strive to do just that—create an individualized strategy to make your investment plans a reality.  

Charybdis Investments International is a fee-only house.  This means we charge an annual fee on actively managed accounts.  We do not recommend securities or investment products that carry commissions.  

Our investment approach is both simple and thorough:  

•    Through macroeconomic research, we first identify underlying economic fundamentals that are driving market forces;  

•    Based on this analysis, we identify those sectors most likely to perform at or above market indices;

•    We then select individual companies that have dominating positions in those sectors.  We also use baskets of stocks in the form of exchange traded funds and closed end funds that also target those identified sectors.  


The emphasis here is to minimize ongoing investment fees that eat into your annualized returns.  Our equity portfolios provide upside growth and downside protection.  Our fixed income portfolios make use of similar market trends to identify dependable long-term income from either the private or public sectors that achieves investment goals within tolerable ranges of market risk.  


Most importantly, all of this comes at the lowest ongoing transactional costs available.

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